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Discontinued Phone Systems

If you are an owner of an older phone system and have been told replacement phones and parts are not longer available, that is not true.  As phone systems are replaced and as business decide not to continue, the phon3e equipment is typically recycled for further use on systems that do no necessarily need to be replaced.

Nortel Phone Systems

Back in the day the Nortel CICS is one of the most popular phone systems on the market.  With that being said there are still many Nortel Phone Systems in service today.

Nortel Phones

As time has gone by the Nortel T7316E Phone has been one of the most popularly sold phones.  What does this mean?  Being the most popular phone, that means a lot of the Nortlel T7316E Phones are available on the refurbished market.

At this point and time the company Nortel for what ever the reason has ceased operations and Avaya has since picked up the Nortel Phone System Line and is producing a lot of the phones and the newer BCM phone system.


Comdial Phone Systems

The Comdial line of telephone equipment was another very popular phone system brand especially in the 90's before the caller ID feature was available.

Two of the affordable phone system for small business with the needs of less then 50 phone or so are the Comdial DX80 and the Comdial Edge 120.

The Comdial DX180 is a small business phone system that has been manufactured before the IP phones were perfected for regular use.

The Comdial DX120 to be later known as the Comdial Edge 120 and the Vertical Edge120 is the perfect phone system for small business as it has a cordless phone and IP phones available for use with the 120.

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