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Store Shelves End Cap

Store Shelves End Cap

This webpage provides useful information, affordable pricing, and online sales of a Gondola End Cap for Store Shelves.

A Gondola End Cap is best configured using a single sided Gondola Shelving section in a double back configuration that will provide the strength and durability Gondola Shelving is best known for.

Gondola End Display Merchandisers are a great way to create more exposure for products or merchandise that can be possibly slow moving or on sale.

What is the difference between Gondola Store Shelving and Wall?  The Gondola shelving is also called Gondola Island Shelving.  Using the term island the Gondola Shelving stands in the center of the floor on as a island type product display.  The wall shelving is store shelving that is installed against a wall.

The least expensive way to add an end cap to an existing Gondola island is to add a wall section either 36 inches wide or 48 inches wide to meet the specific needs or the particular store

o make sure you receive the correct Gondola End Display Merchandiser, you must measure your existing Gondola Island Shelving height and deck width.  Below are measurements that need to be correct.

Gondola Heights

Gondola Heights

36 Inches - 42 Inches - 48 Inches - 54 Inches
60 Inches - 66 Inches - 72 Inches - 78 Inches
84 Inches - 90 Inches - 96 Inches

Gondola Base Depths

Gondola Base Depths

12 Inches - 14 Inches - 16 Inches - 18 Inches
20 Inches - 22 Inches - 24 Inches - 30 Inches

Gondola Ends - Wall -Gondola Island - Wall Ends

Wooden End Panels for Gondola

Wooden End Panels for Gondola

Wood End Panels - Radius Corners

The End Panels with Radius Corners are used to close off the ends of Gondola/Wall runs. They add a trimmed look to the runs. Requires finish codes for both exterior and interior panel material.

Wood End Panels - Square Corners

The End Panels with Square Corners are used to close off the ends of Gondola/Wall runs. They add a trimmed look to the runs. Requires finish codes for both exterior and interior panel material.

Edge work matches the exterior finish unless optional T-Mold is ordered.

Wire End Panels for Gondola

Gondola Ends - Wall -Gondola Island

The Gondola Wire Display Panel provides a valuable merchandising space at the end of Gondola/Wall runs. This panel connects into the Gondola/Wall Basic Upright on one side and attaches securely to the side of the shelves on the opposite side.

This wire display panel utilizes a multi-purpose grid pattern which allows the use of slatwall accessories, peg hooks and 3" o.c. wire grid accessories. The Gondola Wire Display Panels are sold in pairs, one left hand and one right hand.

SStore Shelves - Gondola Island End Cap