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Discover how a telephone system can automate your business by automatically routing calls 24 hours a day seven days a week, reduce time spent with unwanted and annoying phone calls, eliminate the need for a costly fax line, make you and your associates more available to your customers.

Small Business Phone Voice Mail Features

Answering Machine Emulation:  allows your voice mailbox the capability of a regular home answering machine that will screen your calls as they arrive.

Automated Attendant:  the automated attendant can answer all calls or unanswered calls and route the calls to the destination extension or extensions by pressing the number keys on the telephone number pad.   Callers can also be routed to messages like press 1 for store hours and press to our address.

Auto Time Stamp: provides the time and date a voice mail message arrived.

Caller ID with return call:  allows users to see the source phone number that the voice mail arrived from with a call back soft key button.

Centrex Transfer: allows calls to be transferred from a Automated Attendant Greeting straight to an off-site phone dropping the call from the phone system making the phone system lines available to take more incoming calls.

Conversation Record:  adds the capability of recording conversations for training purposes.  Intramail Pro upgrade will send recorded conversations as a wave file to an email address.  SOFTWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED

Fax Detection:  the automated attendant can detect a fax tone and route a fax call to the pre-programmed fax destination.

Message Notification: a light on the phone will light when messages arrives to a users mailbox.

Multiple Company Greetings:  the automated attendant can be configured to answer incoming lines with different greetings.  Multiple business can run on one phone system.

Number of Messages Displayed: displays the number of messages in a mailbox on a compatible NEC digital display phone.

Offsite Message Retrieval: allows station users the ability to call into the system and retrieve voice mails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even on holidays.

Pager Notification: provides notification of new voice mail messages to a cell phone for retrieval of messages when off-site.

Password Protection: allows a station user to configure a password to protect there mailbox from unwanted intrusion.

Personal Greetings: provides station users 3 different greetings that can be changed from any Cell Phone or Home Phone by dialing in to the system

Ring Group Mail Boxes: provides messaging for a group of phones like a sales group or an accounting group.  A function key on a phone can be configured for message notification.

Transfer Calls to a Cell Phone: You can configure the voice mail system to send a caller out to a Cell Phone from an Automated Attendant Greeting.

Voice Mail to Email:  Voice mail messages are sent to email in a wav format for listening to voice mail messages.  Also know as Unified Messaging.  SOFTWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED

Some features may be optional , not applicable to all systems or require additional equipment. Some federal and state laws require notification or require consent from all parties prior to recording a telephone conversation.  The information contained herein is subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of E System Sales.  Att trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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Small Business Phone Voice Mail Features