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Small Business Phones

If you have a small office and all you need to do is answer the phone and shout across the room "Hey Joey you have a call on line 1".
We suggest you go to a local office supply store to purchase phones.  This is not the website for you.

If you have a small business with the needs of 3 phones and up, need advanced features,
or have the need to seem like a big business.  Continue on, this the website is for you.

If you have the need to install a fully supported phone system and have it working correctly.
Continue on, this is the website for you.

NEC Small Business Phones

NEC Small Business Phones

The NEC SV9100 is what we would consider to one of the most feature rich / cost effective phone systems on the market today that can grow with your small business up to a large business with out having to replace out the entire phone system. 

What makes the NEC unique is it's ease of use, it is easy to set up, and has a lot of high end features available, like VoIP, Voice Mail to Email, Desktop Suite, the ability to call into the system and dial back out, making it seem like you are in the office, and more.

Panasonic Small Business Phones

Panasonic Small Business Phones

We have the Panasonic KX-TDA50 that can expand up to 24 phones and up to 12 lines in.  the Panasonic is another advanced phone system designed for small business with lots of advanced features like Caller ID Routing, Supports VoIP Phones, SIP Trunks and Vonage type lines that save money,

Vertical SBX IP

Vertical SBX IP

The Vertical SBX is another affordable phone system for small business that has some major expansion capabilities with lots of capabilities that runs along the popular Vodavi and Comdial family of phone systems

Free Phone System Programming

ESSI specializing in new NEC and Panasonic phone systems, includes free remote phone system programming on all new complete phone system purchased from =ESSI=

How we do it is by connecting to your computer with Show My PC via a high speed internet connection and complete the programming process using your internet browser.

The phone system must be connected to your existing computer network and the computer we log onto must be connected to the internet.

VoIP Voice Over IP

The facts about VoIP are the IP lines and what is known as the SIP type trunks can save you some money are one for the up sides, although if your internet connection goes down then of course you will have not phone service, and the call quality can be not as good at times depending on your internet load.  We have found using the service provider that owns the phone wiring in the ground using POTS lines provide the best phone service.  You will have to consider the cost savings to call quality and reliability before choosing a service provider.

IP Phones

We have found that VoIP phones connected to the phone system are only cost effective if you have the needs for a phone or phones at an offsite location such as a second business location or a home office,  The digital phones and the IP phones both do the same thing.

System Installation and Programming.

E System Sales, Inc. can provide installation services if needed and can provide support for do-it your-self installers.  The one unique thing about us is: we provide free remote programming with 60 days of updates + life time support.  This means we program the phone system to make sure it is working correctly and you the customer receives all the benefits available.

Small Business Phone Features

Many features available for Small Business Phones like: Voice Mail Systems, Auto Answer Systems, Caller ID, Call Hold & Transfer, Off-site Call Forwarding. Voice Mail to Email, and more.  Please carefully consider how you would like your new phone system to work and make you salesman aware.

Replacement Phones

E System Sales, Inc also supplies replacement phones for most any type of phone system.  Don't let your local vender tell you need a new phone system because it has been discontinued.  We have the phones in stock.  Choose the manufacturer below.

Hotel Phone System

Hotel Phone System

Choose the the best Small Hotel Phone System with the needs of as many as 60 to 90 hotel room phones with all of the most popular standard features available by default.

=ESSI= is your hotel phone system specialest that you can count on

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