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E System Sales, Inc. 800-619-9566
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Castaic, CA 91384
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Small Business Phone Benefits

Take control of your Telephone system!
No more costly service calls for system programming.

Do it your self installation.  E System Sales Support.  Providing unlimited programming and installation support on NEC, Panasonic, and Bizfon Phone Systems with a minimum purchase of $749 through E System Sales web based support help desk.  Our web based support help desk is available to our customers 24 hours a day and is filled with FAQ's, installation and programming how to's.

We have taken the manuals and rewritten the most popular programmed features with pictures and in terms the end user can understand.  If what you want to program is not posted on our support website email us and we will post the how to for you.

Phone System Warranty
2 Year Warranty on NEC 1000/2000 telephones and hardware, 2 Year Warranty on Vodavi Starpluss STS telephones and hardware, 1 Year Warranty on Bizfon 680 telephones and hardware, 1 Year warranty on Panasonic KX-TA and KX-TD telephone equipment.

Phone System Starter Kits.  Kits and hardware additions available at reduced costs for each system E System Sale Phone System.

All of our starter kits are affordably priced so you purchase only what you need.  Look in your phone room.  90% of all phone rooms already have pre-existing plywood mounting boards, blocks, cables, and wiring.

Request a Quote.  Give us 2 minutes of your time.  Our knowledgeable sales reps are standing by to take your phone call with technicians on call to answer any technical questions you may have.  Please call any time as we would always be glad to hear from you.

Nationwide local installation affiliates available in your area for immediate installation.  All you have to do is say yes and we will have your new phone system installed within 10 days.

Extended Warranty.

Be careful of Extended Warranties.  As the dealer selling the telephone equipment will carry the extended portion of the warranty.  So if your have a 1 or 2 year factory warranty and you buy a 2 year extended warranty that equals a 4 year warranty the dealer will carry the extended portion of the warranty.  The problem is what if the dealer is no longer around when the extended warranty kicks in.

E System Sales has chosen not to get into the Extended Warranty market as it is misleading to the consumer.


Free Music on Hold Kit
with purchase of $1200 or more.

Ends Friday while supplies last.


Phone System Programming
Isn't it time you take control of your phone system?  Find out how easy phone system programming can be and never have to rely on costly technician service calls ever again with our web based support desk available 24/7, Holidays and Weekends.

Ask us how we can reduce your telephone costs!
Concerned with the outbound and inbound calls being placed thru your phone system that are not business related?.

We can also reduce your costly 800 number costs.

Purchasing New Verses Used.

E System Sales has not been very successful in selling used and refurbished telecom equipment in the past.  Especially with the very popular Nortel Equipment like the 3X8, the 616 and the 824, as that telephone equipment is so old and has been around to so many end users. 

The refurbished telecom equipment we sell has either a 2 year or an 18 month warranty, that tells us our distributors and manufacturers have enough confidence in their products.  After careful review and consideration we put the Nortel MICS, Nortel CICS and the Vodavi Starplus and Triad line on our shelves.

Another problem with purchasing used or refurbished.  The firmware has not been updated in a long time so you may not be able to perform the functions and features your want.

As far as new systems we proudly are a 5 Star Channel Reseller of the NEC DS1000/2000.  We carry a complete line of NEC starter kits starting at $749.00 that carry a 2 year warranty.




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Small Business Phone Benefits