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Lozier Upper Shelves

Lozier shelves available used in either a two position shelf or a multi position shelf at prices any business or store can afford.

Available in most popular sizes available at time of order,

Please specify need for multi position or two position shelves when ordering.

Two Position Lozier Shelf
2-position tilt-in shelf with extended bracket
Molding accommodates a 1.235" tag
1/4" perforations for clip on accessories

Multi Position Lozier Shelves
Multi-position drop-in shelf with extended bracket
Tag molding & perforations similar to TL Style

Steel front fences and dividers for Lozier Shelving

  Freestanding Wire Binning System front Fences and Dividers allows flexibility in merchandising lighter products.  The fences have welded on “feet” for attachment to shelf perforations. Fronts and dividers may be used independent of one another.

Vertical wire are on 1" centers. Chrome plated finish.

Available for all lengths and depths.

Fence Heights


Lozier Shelves