Grocery Store Shelves

 In our every day lives we find the need to visit a Grocery Store for products that we need. These products include fresh food, soaps, cleaners, vitamins,  and so fourth.

As we walk into visit a Store, all of the products and merchandise they sell are mostly displayed on what is known as Gondole Shelving.

Grocery Store Shelves can be configured in a double sided configuration, a single sided configuration, or as an end cap that is normaly located or placed at the end of an isle for double sided shelving. Sizes range from 36" high to 96 " high, shelf depths range from 8 inches deep to 30 inches deep. The widths start at 24 inches wide and they are available in a 30 inch wide, 24 inch wide, and a 48 in wide section also.

Gondola Shelving

What makes Gondola Shelving the perfect choice to display merchandise in any store is:

All the components are interchangable

Shelf loads range from 300 to 500 pounds

Available in many styles and colors

Available in a wide range of sizes.

Many accessories are available

Some of the most popular accessories used with Gondola Shelving in a Grocery Store are:

Shelving Dividers and FencingGondola Shelving

Wire Shelves for Bagged Goods

Gravity Feed Shelves for Soda bottles

Gondola Manufacturers

Three of the most popular manufacturers of Gondolas are:


Madix Store Fixtures


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