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Gondola End Cap

The traditional end is best configured using a single sided gondola in a double back configuration.

Gondola End Panels

The standard EF Interior Panels are recessed around the Gondola Upright in order to flush against the Upper Shelves of the Gondola.

The recess is positioned for equal Base Shelves, or optional Offset Base Shelves. Gondola Base End Covers are not required if a Metal End Flat (PAPMEF) is used. EF cannot be used with Hypermaxi System.

Gondola End Display Merchandisers are a great way to create more exposure for products or merchandise that can be possibly slow moving or on sale.

What is the difference between Gondola Store Shelving and Wall?  The Gondola shelving is also called Gondola Island Shelving.  Using the term island the Gondola Shelving stands in the center of the floor on as a island type product display.  The wall shelving is store shelving that is installed against a wall.

The least expensive way to add an end cap to an existing Gondola island is to add a wall section either 36 inches wide or 48 inches wide to meet the specific needs or the particular store

Gondola End Cap

To make sure you receive the correct Gondola End Display Merchandiser, you must measure your existing Gondola Island Shelving height and deck width.  Below are measurements that need to be correct.

Gondola Heights Gondola Heights are available in:
36 Inches
42 Inches
48 Inches
54 Inches
60 Inches
66 Inches
70 Inches
72 Inches
78 Inches
84 Inches
90 Inches
96 Inches

Choose the Gondola height that best suites your needs as far as visibility and so on.

Gondola Depths Gondola Depths are available in:
12 Inches
14 Inches
16 Inches
18 Inches
20 Inches
22 Inches
24 Inches
30 Inches

Choose the Gondola height that best suites your needs as far as visibility and so on.

We have found the most affordable way to create a gondola end display is to use a wall section with double backs on on the front of the gondola end and one hardboard back on the rear of the section.


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Gondola End Cap