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Semacon S-1400 Bill & Bank Note Counter

Semacon S-1400 Bill & Bank Note Counter Semacon S-1400 Bill & Bank Note Counter
Semacon S-1400 Bill & Bank Note Counter Semacon S-1400 Bill & Bank Note Counter

The S-1400 Series is ideal for any business that processes medium to large amounts of cash daily. Our Currency Counters are designed specifically to meet the needs of retail stores, gas stations, family & fast food restaurants, grocery stores, vending operators and many other small to mid-sized companies. These high-speed counters solve the needs of a wide variety of businesses without the higher prices normally associated with bank grade equipment.




Precision Accuracy & Reliable Counting

Semacon Currency Counters are engineered with fully automated, advanced screening capabilities to thoroughly detect errors, including double notes, chain notes, half notes, etc. Our counters ensure the most accurate total counts and are designed to offer years of trouble-free use.

Ease of Us

The S-1400 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters are designed for operator convenience and ease of use in high volume applications, such as banks, credit unions, casinos and large retailers. They feature a full 10 keypad for batching, along with buttons for commonly used features. Combining automated features with user friendly controls, Semacon Currency Counters are so advanced in design, they're actually simple to use!

Bill Size Detection

The S-1400 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters can be custom tailored to work with the banknotes of many different countries.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

Selected models offer an advanced counterfeit detection system designed to pinpoint suspect counterfeit banknotes. Featuring options of ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detection, or UV detection combined with magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection, our counters provide the ultimate in counterfeit currency screening.

Dust Reduction Technology

Our optional Dust Shield prevents dirt and dust from blowing into the operator's face, a common problem with high-speed currency counters. This reduces the health risks associated with counting circulated money. The model S-1450, our top of the line model, also incorporates a sophisticated dust reduction system, designed to further reduce air-blown

S-1400 Display

  The S-1100 Series includes as standard equipment dual viewing displays which make it easy for both the counter operator and another person to simultaneously view the counting process and results. Standing behind the operator to oversee the display is no longer needed with our dual displays.

High Speed Bill & Bank Note Counting

These counters operate at four variable counting speeds from 600 to 1,500 banknotes per minute. With this wide range of operating speeds, our counters can efficiently and reliably process notes of all conditions, ranging from very worn to brand new. Additionally, the slow speeds enable the operator to inspect for "out of place" denominations. It has never been easier to count money!


Technical Specifications

Feed System

Friction Roller System

Hopper Capacity

200-300 Notes (approx.)

Stacker Capacity

200 Notes (approx.)

Note Size

From 900 x 50 to 155 x 1.00 mm

Power Source

1 10V (or 220 Vlnt'l Model)


10.5"W X 10.5"D X 9.5"H

Net Weight

12. 5 Ibs. (approx.)

Bill Counter Pricing

Model Price Purchase
S-1400 $629.00   add to cart 
S-1415 $719.00   add to cart 
S-1425 $939.00   add to cart 
S-1450 $999.00   add to cart 

Bill Counter Comparison


Counting Adding Counting Speed
Bills Per Minute
Keys Range
Width Detection UV Counterfeit Detection MG Counterfeit Detection Display External Display
S-1400 Yes Yes 1000 Approx 10 Keys / 1-999 Yes     Yes Optional


Yes Yes 1000 Approx 10 Keys / 1-999 Yes Yes   Yes Optional


Yes Yes 1000 Approx 10 Keys / 1-999 Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
S-1450 Yes Yes 1000 Approx 10 Keys / 1-999 Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional 


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Semacon S-1400