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Cassida Semacon Coin Counters Counterfeit Detector
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Coin Counter Semacon

Coin Counter - Semacon S110, S-120 & S-140 Coin Counters

Coin Counters Semacon S140 coin
Semacon S110 & S-120 Semacon S140




Control Panel

Semacon's S-120 and S-140 model Coin Counters feature our "push button control panel". These "push burton" controls provide functions that are typically used most often by the operator. Push button controls are much more durable and reliable than the membrane style control panels found on other coin counters. Compare our easy to use control panel to other brands and you will understand another reason why Semacon is a step above the competition.

Coin Sorting

Semacon's counters are designed to quietly count and wrap or bag coins in a very high speed manner. These models feature an offsort function which is designed to count and optionally package the largest diameter coin first and separate the smaller diameter coins into a different bag or tray. This process is then repeated until all coin denominations have been counted and optionally packaged.
The bottom line... Semacon coin counters will save you time so you will have more time to do other things!

Ease of Us

Semacon's S-120 & S-140 Coin Counters feature one simple adjustment for the coin's diameter and another easy adjustment to set the coin's thickness. Simplicity at its best!

Electronic Operation

Our S-120 & S-140 models operate automatically for the ultimate in high speed counting & sorting. The electronic counting system provides an easy selection of variable bagging and packaging stop points via the control panel.

Exceptional Durability

Both the S-120 and S-140 feature a metal chassis and heavy duty components that are designed to withstand the heavy use commonly found in commercial counting applications.

Portable Applications

Portable Applications

Our S-120 model is portable in design for easy transportation to multiple loca¬tions or for simply storing the machine away when it's not in use. When open, the S-120's lid acts as an inspection tray for feeding coins into the coin hopper. When closed, it protects the control panel and hopper and the unit can then be transported using the built-in carrying handle.

Coin Sorting

Coin Sorting

Semacon's Coin Counters are designed to quietly count, bag or wrap coins at very high speeds.  These models feature an offsort function which is designed to count or package the largest diameter coins first and separate the smaller diameter coins into a different bag or tray.  This process can then be repeated until all coin denominations have been counted or packaged.

Coin Packaging

Coin Packaging

Semacon's S-120, S-130 and S-140 Coin Counters feature convenient coin packaging capabilities.  Coin packaging tubes are available as an option for wrapping the following denominations:   1˘ - 5˘ - 10˘ - 25˘ 50˘ - $1.00 (Golden/SBA)


High Speed Coin Counting

These counters are capable of processing coins at ultra-high speeds, yet are quieter than many other coin counters.


Technical Specifications

Coin Diameter

14 - 34 mm

Coin / Token Thickness 1.0 - 3.5 mm
Counting Modes Counting, Adding, Bagging, *Batching, *Packaging, Offsorting
* Batching & Packaging on S-120, S-130 & S-140 models
Power Source USA Model:  110 VAC / 60
Power Consumption 45 W (approx.)
(S-110 & S-120)

Open:  20" (510mm) L x 9" (230mm) W x 9.5" (240 mm) H

Closed:  15" (380mm) L x 9" (230mm) W x 7.5" (190mm) H

Net Weight S-110:  Approx. 13 Lbs. (6 kg)
S-120:  Approx. 18 Lbs. (8 kg)
S-140:  Approx. 34 Lbs. (15.5 kg)
Included Accessories

Hand crank for manual operation, bagging attachment,

offsort tray and offsort bag holder

Optional Accessories

Coin Wrappers & Packaging Tubes: 1˘ / 5˘ / 10˘ / 25˘
50˘ / $1.00 (golden/SBA)

Bill Counter Pricing

Model Price Purchase
S-110 $639.00   add to cart 
S-120 $729.00   add to cart 
S-140 $1039.00   add to cart 
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