Cassida 5510

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Cassida Semacon Coin Counters Counterfeit Detector


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Cassida 5510

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Cassida 5510


Cassida 5510


All in one cash assistant Counts, Batches, Adds Totals, Detects Counterfeits.

Digital Cash Counter Advanced Technology Automatic start, IR Infrared Sensors, Self Diagnostic System, UV Counterfeit Detection, Double and Half Note Detection.

User Friendly Sleek Design, Intuitive Interface, Easy Maintenance, Error Prevention Software.

Durable Precision Engineered Components, Self Lubrication Bearings, Steel Roller Shafts,

The 5510 bill counter uses the latest technological advancements available in the bill counter industry. The 5510 counter uses Infra-Red technology which maximizes currency counting accuracy as well as half and double note detection.

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Technical Specifications
Counting Speed 0-100 Increments of 5
Hopper Capacity 1300 Notes Per Minute
Stacker Capacity 200 Notes
Remote Customer Display Optional
Weight 11 Pounds
Size W x D x H 11" x 9.8" x 6.8"
Power Supply 100-120 VAC 60Hz
Power Consumption 80 W

Remote Display

Remote Display Optional


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Cassida 5510