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Phone Communications

Digital Phone System

The digital circuit is a 2 channel circuit. Panasonic has been able to exploit this technology and run two phones on one digital circuit. At first with the Panasonic KX-TD, an owner would be able to add an analog phone to a digital circuit by dimply pluging in an analog phone to an existing Panasonic Digital Phone. The additional phone has the ability to ring it's own extension or ring at the same time as the digital phone it is connected to.

Office Phones

The very existance of an Office relies on phones to communicate. The communication occures between office workers and communications with the outside world via an incoming line or what is known as a CO or a Trunk. Typically in a normal office environement many phones exist. In this type of setting a phone systems best for this type of application. This way the office associate can communicate with other office associates and the outside world.

School Phone Systems

Everyday schools of all types rely on phones to communicate. The typical communication mostly occures when a person in the administation office calls a classroom or a maintenance or yard duty worker. School communications usually occure through what is know as a phone system. A phone systems is an electronic switch that basically connects a calling party to a called party.

Store Fixtures

Retail Store Fixtures.

Are what you see when you walk in to most any store. Retail Store Fixtures range from Gondola Shelving to wire displays for newspaper and snacks, to an icecream Freezer.

Gondola Shelving

Is the most popular all around store fixture available on the market for many years. Gondola Shelving is available in a half of full sections. The half gondola has shelving on one side of the fixture and the full gondola has shelving on both sides of the fixture.



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